AIESEC in Ohio recruitment

Thursday, September 9, 2021 6:00pm

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As a member of AIESEC in Ohio, you’ll have the opportunity to develop yourself professionally, gain an international network, attend conferences, and explore what you’re passionate about!

Our members focus on promoting and managing the exchanges that we provide to ensure quality experiences. The member job description is flexible so that our members can enjoy their experience as much as possible, and focus on what they want to develop in themselves. Members also have the opportunity to attend conferences throughout the year, in which we get to connect with other AIESEC members from our region, the country, and often international delegates.

Members are expected to attend our weekly meeting that is held every Wednesday from 8-9, along with also attending some smaller events throughout the week which focus on letting more people know about the opportunities that AIESEC provides.

We are holding information sessions throughout the next few weeks in order to provide more in-depth information about AIESEC to prospective members.

Please contact if interested in applying for the organization!

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