Ask the Experts Election 2020 live broadcast

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 6:00pm to 7:00pm

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How politics has become entertainment on social media platforms and how social media activism may boost or diminish campaigns.


Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even TikTok, politics has become a prevalent and constant topic of discussion on social media platforms, and in many cases, a form of entertainment for the masses. Dr. Kevin Mattson and Dr. Karen Riggs discuss the phenomenon of politics as entertainment and how social media can both boost and diminish political campaigns. Post your questions in the comments and the panelists will answer during the live broadcast. 


Mattson is an expert in crisis situations and the presidency, elections and Presidents Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. He focuses on the intersections between ideas and politics in 20th Century America and examines previous presidents.


Riggs is an expert in content curation, social media, media arts and fake news. Her focus lies in understanding the cultural transformation that social media has spurred and analyzes how older people in the workplace deal with technology challenges.

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