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Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium | Single molecule imaging of complex materials: chromatography and corrosion, April 11

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium Series features Dr. Lydia Kisley discussing "Single molecule imaging of complex materials: chromatography and corrosion" on April 11 at 4:10 p.m. in Walter 245..


Kisley is the Warren E. Rupp Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics & Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University. See more about Kisley's work.


Abstract: Abstract: Single molecule spectroscopy and other fluorescent techniques have become seminal tools for scientists due to their ability to resolve heterogeneity normally obscured in traditional ensemble measurements. Single molecule spectroscopy has enabled important findings in areas such as molecular biophysics and catalysis, yet, single molecule techniques have had limited use in the study of man-made materials. From a macroscale engineering perspective, many materials are optimized empirically to decide what con­ditions work “best,” resulting in little understanding of the chemistry behind why the selected conditions perform the way they do. On the other hand, single molecule studies of materials have focused on model, fundamental systems: materials simplified to have only a few components so they can be well-described by statistical models, but far from conditions for their intended use. In this talk I will present studying chromatographic separations and corrosion with single molecule spectroscopy, along with progress towards studying materials that are realistic, multi-component, and complex to connect fundamental molecular observations to industrial interests.


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