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Chemistry Colloquium: Bioinspired Reactivity in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Professor Casey Wade will be the guest speaker for the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium presenting on Bioinspired Reactivity in Metal-Organic Frameworks. Dr. Wade is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Ohio State University.


Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) share some common features with metalloenzymes including reactive site isolation, well-defined secondary structures, and the ability to support entatic states poised for reaction with a substrate. This seminar will describe our investigations into the design of bioinspired MOFs for trace CO2 capture and heterogeneous catalysis. Postsynthetic modification reactions have been used to generate transition metal hydroxide groups at the inorganic building units of benzotriazolate-based MOFs. The resulting materials adsorb large amounts of CO2 via a M–OH + CO2 M–OCO2H chemisorption process reminiscent of CO2 fixation by α-carbonic anhydrases. In addition, our recent efforts to immobilize well-defined transition metal catalysts in MOFs will be discussed. These materials show significant differences in catalytic activity and selectivity compared to homogeneous analogues.

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