Coping Clinic Tuesdays

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 1pm to 2pm

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Coping Clinic Tuesday

Counseling & Psychological Services is an online drop-in workshop that focuses on developing and practicing a variety of coping skills that may be helpful to you. This is a flexible and accessible resource for you to utilize throughout the semester, between counseling sessions, or as you wait to get connected to services. 

Coping Clinic is psychoeducational and supportive in nature, where you can share your experiences with peers, without a semester-long commitment. Coping Clinic does not replace individual/group mental health treatment. Students do not have to be a client with CPS or currently located in the state of Ohio to engage in Coping Clinic workshops.

Event Details

Coping Clinic workshops are facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Click COPING CLINIC TUESDAY for direct access to the clinic. 

Go to for more information about the clinic. Call CPS at 740-593-1616 if you have problems accessing a Coping Clinic workshop.