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This social and educational program will raise awareness about the presence of Latinx and Hispanic LGBTQ+ people. The workshop will serve as a productive space for Latinx and Hispanic LGBTQIA+ members to amplify their voices and speak about their experiences via open mic. The program will explore terminology, cultural assets, and resources associated with Latinx and Hispanic people while promoting radical inclusion, community engagement, and a sense of belonging. Lunch offerings for in-person attendees (while supplies last) will include Cuban-style black beans and rice, vegan/gluten-free spicy tortilla soup, empanadas (chicken or beef), and cinnamon churros.


This event will offer limited virtual access for viewing event speakers at 12:10 p.m. via the Microsoft Teams link below.


Contact LGBT Center Director Micah McCarey at or 440-935-5313 for more information.

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Email to request a Microsoft Teams meeting link.

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