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The increasing globalization and internationalization of the world economy have greatly affected not only our workplace but also our personal lives by exposing us to different ideas, customs, and cultures. Since intercultural competence promotes mutual understanding and open-mindedness, relevant literature shows that intercultural competence has thus become a critical factor in achieving efficiency and effectiveness, happiness and well-being as well as professional efficiency and effectiveness in the ever-increasing connected workplace. Intercultural competence includes a range of cognitive and behavioral skills that are critical for cross-cultural communication and mutual understanding. Developing one’s intercultural competence provides the foundation for meaningful inclusion of others and approaching integral diversity in the workplace. OU has always valued “mutual understanding” and open-mindedness and aimed to make its students and alumni become global leaders (see “OU Vision Statement”). Aligning well with the vision, this workshop, via an interactive approach, is designed to engage OU faculty, staff, and students on how one’s intercultural competence can be improved, and how to avoid misunderstanding and conflicts through strategies and establish mutual understanding.


Session Outcomes


At the end of the session, participants will be able to …

  • Increase the awareness of cultural misunderstanding and conflicts, and the negative consequences they could cause.
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in workplace when people with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives work together through establishing mutual understanding and intercultural competences.
  • Strengthen the network and climate of promoting DEIABJ across campus.
  • Promote AAPI awareness and reputation on campus.


Session Facilitators

  • AAPI-LEAD board members will be the panel for discussion.  Two Vice Presidents will host the session. They are 
  • Pittaya Paladroi-Shane, Vice President for Communication at the AAPI-LEAD, Associate Professor of Instruction, Center for International Studies, Athens Campus
  • Adonis Durado, Vice President for Research at the AAPI-LEAD, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication, Scripps College of Communication, Athens Campus

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  • Alex Boesch
  • Kelly Hennessy

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