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INPP Seminar | Exploration of the N=8 island of inversion in the beryllium isotopes, Sept. 19

The Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics presents Anna McCoy discussing "Exploration of the N=8 island of inversion in the beryllium isotopes" on Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 4 p.m. in Lindley 321.


Anna McCoy is the FRIB Theory Fellow Visiting Assistant Professor in the Physics Department at Washington University in St. Louis.


Abstract: Neutron-rich beryllium isotopes have garnered significant interest due to the apparent breakdown of the N = 8 shell closure evidenced by party inversion in 11Be and the intruder ground state in 12Be.  The appearance of this island of inversion in beryllium isotopes is thought to be tied to the emergence of shape coexistence arising from the interplay of collectivity, e.g., formation of alpha clusters, which prefers a more deformed nuclear shape and the tendency of low lying states to revert to a more spherical shape at a shell closure.  However, in these light nuclei, information on nuclear shape, particularly for excited states, is challenging to extract experimentally.  But, with ab initio no-core shell model (NCSM) predictions for beryllium isotopes in reasonable agreement with known experimental values, we can take the ab initio calculated wave functions as reasonable approximations of the physical wave function.  Observables associated with nuclear shape such as radii, quadrupole moments, and deformation can then be directly calculated.  In this talk I present NCSM predictions for these shape observables for 10-13Be. 


In trying to understand the evolution of the structure, it can be helpful to consider simple models which approximately describe the observed behavior.  In particular, a simple rotational model which can be tied to both microscopic correlations as well as collective rotational dynamics and nuclear deformation is given by Elliott’s SU(3) rotational model.  I will also discuss how consistent this simple picture is with the ab initio results.

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