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INPP Seminar | Adiabatic state preparation with custom quantum gates, Sept. 27

The Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics Seminar series presents Tono Coello Perez discussing "Adiabatic state preparation with custom quantum gates" on Sept. 27 at 4 p.m.


Coello Perez is with Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


In-person seminars will be in Lindley 321. For remote seminars, connection info for the video conference (TEAMS or ZOOM) and abstract of the talk will be communicated by email before the seminar. The emails are sent to the inpp-seminar mailing list. To be added to this mailing list, contact Prakash.


The host is Daniel Phillips.


Abstract: Quantum algorithms are most commonly implemented in terms of a universal set of quantum gates. The decomposition of the unitaries defining these algorithms into those in the universal set often yields quantum circuits with depths that prohibit their execution on noisy intermediate-scale quantum hardware. We simulate the execution of an adiabatic-state-preparation algorithm with reduced depth achieved through the usage of custom gates realizing the small-time propagators at each Trotter step. In these simulations the target state was reached with fidelities above 95%, showing a considerable improvement over simulations implementing the same algorithm in terms of the quantum gates in the universal set used by IMB Quantum machines, as well as results from actual runs on IBM Quantum hardware.




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