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As long as humans have been documenting information, others have sought to destroy, ban, censor, or otherwise control that information. The situation today is no different. Perhaps this long, tense history of information creation and destruction helps to explain the lure of the flame for the creators of artists’ books.

                                        * artists’ book = book as art object, or, art object as book *

This exhibit explores the theme of the flame, of matches, burning, heat, light, and shadow, through the lens of artists’ books held in the Fine Arts Library and the Rare Book Collection of the Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections. It is our hope that the books on display will both challenge and inspire us all to let everybody read, think, and decide for themselves.

We invite you to explore the books in the display cases, and also to view the video demonstrating some of the books in motion. Part of the meaning and intent behind artists’ books is communicated through their materiality and structure, how they are used and read. The video provides a glimpse into that experience.

The exhibit is available anytime the 4th floor is open.

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  • Hayley Mitchell
  • Angelina Battaglia

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