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Join the Ohio Universtiy LGBT Center and our campus and community partners in learning more about transgender communities, histories, current issues, and tips to make your community more welcoming and celebratory of transgender people!


Please sign up for as many of our "lunch and learn" events as you'd like and invite others! All are welcome. All of these events are virtual, through TEAMS. The events will be on Wednesdays in June 2023 from 12:10-1pm. There will be autocaptioning. For other disability accommodation requests contact; please do so 72 hours before the event.


Soon after you register for an online event, you will receive an email containing a calendar invitation that includes a Microsoft Teams meeting link. With the link in the calendar invite, you can easily access the event from your internet-enabled device, such as a tablet, smartphone or laptop. 


  • Six sessions
  • Wednesdays, 12:10-1, starting in June
  • June 7, 14, 21, 28; July 12, 19
  • Registration required


June 7 Respecting Pronouns and Names:An Introduction to Respectful Pronoun Use. A shortened version of our introductory workshop. Practice introducing yourself with your pronouns, practice recovering from a mistake with grace! (with Sarah Doherty)

June 14 Gender-affirming medical care: what is it and why does it matter? (with Eris Miller '23)

June 21 Cross-cultural and historical gender diversity
Description: Learn about some of the gender diversity around the world and throughout history. 

June 28 How to be an ally/accomplice (with Athens City DEI and Accessibility Training Coordinator Lacey Rogers)
Description: Join Lacey Rogers, Athens' Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility/Training Coordinator, Jamie Miller, President of F-Word Performers, and Sarah Doherty, Assistant Director of the LGBT Center to learn about allyship, what it means to be an accomplice, performative allyship, and specific actions that support trans people and the trans community.

Transgender people in sports
Description: Join Ohio University Women's Center Assistant Director Letitia Price to learn about trans and intersex issues in sports.

July 19: TERFs, lesbians, and struggles around racism in feminism
Description: Join LGBT Center Assistant Director Sarah Doherty to learn about historical and contemporary tensions between feminists and feminisms, and the connection between trans exclusionary (or "gender critical") feminisms and racist social movements.



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