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This workshop will provide a hands guide for getting to know two large and related open data sources, Wikidata and OpenStreetMap, as well as overview of a handful of more types of open data resources including GBIF (biodiversity), Mapillary (street photo imagery), and more.


This event will introduce open datasets and source followed by hands-on activities for local and remote participants.


We'll cover:

  • Open GIS data.
  • Linked Open Data.
  • Open Data and AI.
  • Data literacy topics including: provenance of data, assessing data quality and fit for use.
  • Highlight of tools available explore and visualize.
  • How to find open data and some things to consider when making your own data open.
  • The importance of data licensing.
  • How open data sources link and validate with authoritative data.
  • Existing quality assurance in open data, opportunities and risks of working with open data.

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  • Krisanna Machtmes
  • Jonathan Brier

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