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Join us on campus to learn about Japanese traditional culture.


When: Friday, April 19, 2024 at 5:30 PM

Where: OHIO Eastern Art Gallery


  • Traditional tea ceremony by Yuko Eguchi
  • Japanese traditional painting by Hiromi Katayama
  • Ikebana, Japanese traditional flower arrangements by Sogetsu Pittsburgh


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Japanese tea ceremony performance by Yoko (Soyu) Eguchi 

The tea ceremony, or Chado (The Way of Tea), is a traditional Japanese art involving the
ritualistic preparation of tea. Influenced by the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, the core
teaching of chado is to attain a spiritual state of selflessness and peacefulness through
making and sharing tea. Join us to learn the history and philosophy of Japanese tea
ceremony while tasting Japanese tea and sweets. (This event is open to the public.)


Yuko Eguchi is a native of Tokyo, Japan and holds a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the
University of Pittsburgh. She received her tea master title and name, Soyu, in 2009 and the
associate professor of tea title in 2013, certified by the head master of the Urasenke
school. Yuko has performed and lectured on Japanese traditional arts at various higher
institutions. Visit her website:


Sogetsu Pittsburgh is a collective study group founded in 1990 by Reiko Nakajima and Joan Walter.

Along with studying the Sogetsu Ikebana curriculum through workshops, the group introduces the practice to the public and community through collaborations with various organizations, venues and artists. Past exhibitions have included projects with Fallingwater, the Carnegie Museum of Art, Phipps Conservatory, the Andy Warhol Museum, Contemporary Craft, the Cleveland Botanic Garden and more. Sogetsu is a school of ikebana founded in Japan in 1927 by artist Sofu Teshigahara on the premise that traditional ikebana could be expanded and be created “anytime, anywhere, by anyone.” Sogetsu incorporates influences including modern sculpture, abstract art, architecture, and design while honoring custom and a particular methodology. Instagram: Website:


Hiromi Katayama, OHIO Eastern Visting Professor, Artist 

Hiromi Katayama, a native of Ibarki, Japan, is a professional artist currently working from her private studio in Houston, Pennsylvania. Hiromi's love for creative art was founded in the studio of her mentor, Renjoin Sensei, from the age of nine years old. Before she came to the United States, Hiromi received her BFA in Japanese Traditional Painting from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan, in the spring of 2008. In the summer of 2008, Hiromi traveled to Pennsylvania, where she studied for her MFA in the painting program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, graduating in May of 2012. At the close of her personal academic journey, Hiromi gained representation and found success as her galleries’ clientele received her art. Hiromi continues to create work using traditional Japanese pigments and techniques; through traditional methods and materials, and her belief in cultural foundations in nature, she hopes to share her culture and a little bit of herself with her audience. Through international exhibitions and public displays of her work, Hiromi strives to influence, inspire, and educate. This vision has resulted in the permanent exhibition of Hiromi’s work in museums, corporations, and esteemed private collections.

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