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On March 30th, Assistant Professor of Instruction Thom Stevenson will present a livestream session at Homeboy Industries in East LA. Everyone is invited to join in to learn more about this social enterprise that simultaneously operates as a social business. 

Homeboy Industries is the largest gang intervention entity in the world. The innovative program is world renowned for its efforts to assist high-risk youth, former gang members, and the recently incarcerated with a variety of free programs that include mental health counseling, legal services, tattoo removal, work-readiness training, and employment services. Stevenson will be doing the livestream to share the organization's Intake, Bakeshop (work and job force entity), and tattoo removal process with the campus community. This is part of the Patton College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion series.

Learn more about Homeboy Industries at the website for their social enterprise:

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  • Tasha Attaway
  • Jaicee Jeffery

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