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After viewing the asynchronous recording of the Prague Peace Trail guided tour via YouTube, we invite OHIO faculty and staff to participate in a live overview and Q&A session with Prague Peace Trail co-creator, Ondřej Skovajsa, Ph.D, Faculty of the Arts at Charles University (ECES) in Prague. 


Dr. Skovajsa completed his graduate and post-graduate work in American, Czech, and Comparative Literature at Charles University in Prague. As an interpreter and translator, he placed Walt Whitman and Henry Miller and the concept of orality at the center of his scholarly attention. Between 2010 and 2015, Dr. Skovajsa worked as an assistant professor of English at Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem. He spent the academic year 2011/2012 in the United States on a Fulbright scholarship at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Since 2008 he has been teaching courses for foreign students at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University in the framework of the East and Central European Studies program, where he now teaches courses titled “From Thoreau to Havel: Chapters in Czech and American Struggle for Social Justice” and “Politics of Song: From Folklore to Hip-Hop”. He is the author of a monograph, Written Voice (Psaný hlas , Malvern, 2015) and translations of Whitman’s 1855 edition of Leaves of Grass (2018) and Henry Miller’s Essays (2011). He is also the main author of a public history project, Prague Peace Trail (2019). During the past four years, Dr. Skovajsa has been

pursuing research in ethnomusicology, collecting and analyzing Moravian, Slovakian and Roma folksongs and studying them from the vantage point of memory, introducing the concept of mnemopoetics. During the current pandemic, he is translating the UN’s Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes (2020) for the Czech Institute for Restorative Justice.


These experiences are being offered as part of OGO’s Summer and Fall 2020 pilot of incorporating virtual global opportunities into OHIO courses and co-curricular activities. We hope you’ll participate in the activities in the coming weeks in order to gather ideas and inspiration for virtual global connections you can incorporate into your classrooms this Spring. 


In order to attend the Q&A, please register in advance by clicking here. Questions can be submitted ahead of time via the registration form or emailed to Dr. Jennifer Engel, CIS Abroad Vice President at Academic Affairs, at Questions can also be addressed the day of, time permitting. 

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